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The minor in Women’s and Gender Studies is available to all students pursuing a graduate degree at MU. Candidates considering the Graduate Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies work closely with the Graduate Advisor to design a program of study that best complements the student’s primary degree and area of specialization. Students will gain expertise in the methodologies and theories in Women’s and Gender Studies. Teaching and research opportunities are available.


15 credit hours will be chosen to complement the student’s main area of graduate study. Students may take up to six hours in their home department.

All courses will be selected in consultation with the Women’s and Gender Studies Graduate Advisor.

Six Required Credit Hours

  • WGST 8020 Graduate Feminist Theory
  • WGST 8040 Seminar: Problems and Issues in Feminist Scholarship

Nine Elective Credit Hours

The remaining credit hours may be satisfied by selecting courses from the Women’s and Gender Studies graduate catalog. The following courses from other departments may be substituted in consultation with the graduate advisor. (Credit will be given only when offered with appropriate topics):

  • English 8060 – Studies in Criticism and Theory
  • English 8240 – Studies in 18th Century British Literature
  • English 8310 – Studies in 19th Century American Literature
  • History 8400 – Readings in U.S. Women’s History
  • History 8401 – Seminar in U.S. Women’s History
  • History 8405 – Readings in Gender, Race and Class
  • History 8570 – Readings in Modern European History