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Life Science Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Graduate Certificate

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Stand Alone:  Yes

Total Credit Hours:  12

Certificate description: The objective is to provide an interdisciplinary certificate program that will permit graduate and professional students at MU to receive intensive training in the fundamental skills needed to translate life science discoveries into products and services that will improve health. The certificate in Life Science Innovation and Entrepreneurship will require completion of a core curriculum of three 3-hour courses (nine hours) that are designed to cover the lifecycle of a translational science/business venture. The program-level learning objectives for students are as follows: (1) Know and understand the life science industry well enough to be familiar with terms, trends, issues, and industry culture to recognize needs that might be commercializable. (2) Know and understand the three disciplines represented by the courses such that they are able to assess the commercializability of a life science technological innovation. (3) Know how to commercialize new life science discoveries into products and services to improve health in humans and/or animals. The only prerequisite for the first course in the sequence will be good standing in a graduate/professional program or the consent of the instructor on a case-by-case basis; the prerequisites for the second and third course in the sequence will be completion of the preceding courses.

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