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Museum Studies, Minor

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This minor, offered by the Museum of Art and Archaeology and the Department of Art History and Archeology, provides students with a systematic introduction to the history, philosophy, and role of museums. The program blends academic theory with practical experience to provide students with an opportunity to build a foundation applicable for work in either University or public museums.

Curriculum: The program comprises six courses designed to introduce students to the history and role of museums in society; to the philosophical, legal and administrative issues that face the modern museum; and to the exhibition and preservation skills required of a museum curator. The emphasis of the program is on museum management, curatorial responsibilities (collections management and exhibition) and educational interpretation. Internships and field trips to local museums provide additional insight into the world of museum professionals.

  • Individual courses are listed under the Department of Art History and Archaeology. Successful completion of the program is accomplished through 12 credit hours of required course work, including AHA 7130, 8130, and 7980 (a three-credit hour internship), and is recognized when the student successfully completes an M.A. in his or her academic field of study. An individual’s course of study will be arranged with the program director.
  • The minimum period required to complete the minor is four semesters, or three semesters and one summer. Courses are open to advanced undergraduate students, but admission to the program is open only to those who have completed a BA degree.

Admissions: Students who undertake the museum studies minor are normally already enrolled as graduate students in degree-granting academic departments. Students should apply at the beginning of the fall semester to the Director of Graduate Studies, 109 Pickard Hall, for admission to the program

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