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Public Engagement, Graduate Certificate

100% Online On Campus

*Note: New applications will be accepted for the Spring 2021 term and beyond.

Officially approved as:

Stand Alone: Yes

Total Credit Hours:  12

Certificate description: The educational objectives of the Certificate in Public Engagement program are to teach students how to successfully demonstrate the societal impacts of their research through public engagement activities. Coursework will concentrate on increasing the ability of students to communicate their research and disciplinary area to broad audiences of different ages and different  educational levels. Practice and application of outreach will develop the outreach and engagement plans and “broader impacts” components of the research. The program will also emphasize actual interaction with audiences to promote understanding and appreciation of research as well as support for research and higher education. Students from all academic disciplines are welcome and encouraged to partake in this program.

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This is a 12-credit graduate certificate program. Each student will complete the following:

  • GRAD 9070: Essentials for Public Engagement (3 credit hours)
  • GRAD 9075: Integrating Research with Outreach (6 credits total)
    • Set up as an independent study style course, students design and implement outreach projects.
    • Projects can range from after school programming to blogging–student creativity is welcomed.
    • This course will be taken twice by each student to fulfill the 6 credit hour requirement
  • Elective Pedagogical Course (3 credits)
    • Please consult with the graduate certificate co-directors for approval for your choice of pedagogical course. Please consult with them prior to taking a different course.

Required Courses:

GRAD 9070 Essentials for Public Engagement 3
GRAD 9075 Integrating Research with Outreach (x2) 3
Elective Pedagogical Course* Based on Student’s Interest and Need 3

*NOTE: Please obtain approval for your Elective Pedagogical Course from the certificate Co-directors before taking the course. Possible courses for this requirement include, but are not limited to, ED LPA 9448: College Teaching, LTC/BioSci 8724 College Science Teaching, BioSci/AnSci 8725/PHYSCS 8350/LTC 8725 Science Outreach: Public Understanding of Science, and GRAD 9072 Science Policy & Public Engagement.