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User Experience and Usability, Graduate Certificate

100% Online On Campus

Officially approved as:

Stand Alone: Yes

Total Credit Hours: 12

Certificate description:
User Experience and Usability (UXU) graduate certificate is a 12 credit hour program. The UXU certificate program prepares students as significant professional contributors within design and development technology environments. This certificate would leverage currently available courses, resources and experienced faculty by channeling those assets into a meaningful program that a broad range of students and employers would find both desirable and valuable.

Certificate graduates would have competitive advantage to market themselves as prepared practicing professionals in the User Experience and Usability arena. Using Bloom’s taxonomy structure, the following is the clear statement of certificate educational objectives:

  • Analyze and develop strategies to support efficient user performance with effective tools and systems (Analysis/Create);
  • Create cultural sensitivity and inclusive conditions for data collection (Analysis/Create);
  • Design data instruments and implement data collection with tools (e.g. computer screen recording software, eye trackers, etc.) (Create/Apply);
  • Recommend and implement UX tools and methodologies to support objectives (Evaluate/Apply);
  • Organize and manage UX related projects (Create/Apply).

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