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Dr. Abtew earned his PhD degree through the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Program from three institutions: Université de Lille, France (in Automation and Production), Universitatea Tehnică ‘Gheorghe Asachi’ din Iași, Romania (in Industrial Engineering), and Soochow University, China (in Textile Engineering).

Prior to joining MU, Mulat worked as a teaching and research associate at the School of Engineering, École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Et Industries Textiles (ENSAIT), Université de Lille, France. He also served as an Assistant Professor for one year at Bahir Dar University, EiTEX,Ethiopia.

His research interests revolve around addressing complex challenges related to functional and industrial apparel products, with a particular focus on protective clothing. He aimes to enhance their physical, quasi-static, and dynamic performance, while also considering factors such as fitness, comfort, and sustainability. His research spans multiple disciplines, including advanced textiles, fiber-reinforced composites, industrial engineering design, material optimizations, 3D CAD modeling, and principles of dynamic impact engineering. Furthermore, he holds a strong interest in understanding and developing textile materials and user-centric design-assisted adaptive apparel for individuals with special needs, including women, the elderly, and individuals with diverse ability or disability communities .