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The doctoral advisory committee provides academic program approval of the student’s plan of study — a list of the courses and the credit to be earned in each of them — that will, when completed:

  • Prepare the student for research or scholarly investigation in the chosen field of study;
  • Satisfy the credit-hour and residency requirement of the academic program;
  • Satisfy any special requirements (proficiency in foreign languages, collateral field, doctoral minor, other special research skills) imposed by the department or area program;
  • Satisfy the Graduate School’s requirement for a minimum of 15 hours of MU coursework at the 8000/9000 level (exclusive of research, problems and independent study experiences).

As part of the plan of study, the committee also recommends to the vice provost/dean of the Graduate School, any request for transfer of graduate credit.

Note: If a student completes more than one graduate credential at MU, they may use a course for no more than three formal credentials (e.g., a master’s, doctoral, specialist, and/or dual degree; certificate, minor).

Changes to the plan of study

Changes to the plan of study should be submitted on the Plan of Study Course Substitution form.

Foreign language proficiency

If it is required, a student may establish foreign language proficiency by demonstrating an ability to translate into English two foreign languages or by demonstrating a high order of fluency in one language — that is, the ability to read, write and converse in that language and to translate that language into English and English into that language.

Plan of study completion before comprehensive exam

The student must substantially complete the course work outlined in the plan of study to the satisfaction of the doctoral advisory committee and the Graduate School before being declared ready for the comprehensive examination.