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A request for an extension is distinct from an appeal process: a request for extension is the appropriate course of action when a student has failed to meet the time frames associated with degree programs.

Progress Toward Degree

Doctoral students should follow the time frames associated with degree programs discussed in the graduate catalog under master’s degrees and doctoral degrees. They must:

  • Submit required forms on time
  • Maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better
  • Successfully undergo their departments’ annual review processes

Request for Extension

When there has been unsatisfactory progress with respect to meeting Graduate Faculty Senate’s time-to-degree limits, the student may file a written request for an extension with the Dean of the Graduate School. The extension must be endorsed by the department/program’s director of graduate studies and the student’s major advisor, as well as include a timeline for completion of the degree. If an extension is granted by the associate vice chancellor, the student will be given a specified period of time to meet the requirements for progress to degree.

Please contact the Graduate School for more information.