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Every graduate student must form a faculty committee to oversee the process of thesis or dissertation completion.

A thesis committee is composed of three members of the MU faculty: a major advisor from the academic program (i.e., department, unless it is an interdisciplinary program not housed in a department), a second reader from the academic program, and a third reader from either the academic program or member of the graduate faculty from a different MU graduate program.

The doctoral program committee is composed of a minimum of four members of MU Graduate Faculty.  The committee must include at least three members from the student’s home academic program and one outside member from a different academic program at MU. Outside members play an important role on dissertation committees. This role may include ensuring procedural fairness and objectivity, maintaining appropriate standards for scholarly work, offering interdisciplinary perspectives and complementary expertise. At least two of the doctoral committee members, including the student’s advisor, must be MU Doctoral Faculty.

Committee formation

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