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Hiring an International Postdoc

Hiring international scholars can be a great opportunity for our Mizzou community. When hiring and hosting international scholars, consider these processes and resources to help ensure a smooth transition to our campus.

The International Center provides departments with resources for hiring international scholars:

Setting Expectations

Departments should provide clear expectations to international scholars regarding job duties and workplace conduct.

  • Job description – Provide a detailed written description of the responsibilities and duties of the postdoctoral position.
  • Schedule – Provide clear communication on work schedule requirements.
  • Progress – Meet regularly with the postdoctoral fellow to evaluate progress.
  • Time off – Discuss notification procedures for absences due to illness, accidents or personal/vacation time.
  • Conduct – Provide guidance on workplace conduct, including appropriate dress, lunch breaks, etc.
  • Safety – Provide appropriate training and guidance on workplace safety procedures and compliance regulations.

Social Support Networks

International scholars might require greater assistance in making connections with Mizzou and the local community. Although many foreign scholars use the English language very effectively within their academic or research specialty, conversing and comprehending conversations in more routine settings may pose significant challenges. The International Center is one of many campus outlets that can help direct visiting scholars to available resources.