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After performing satisfactorily for a minimum of one semester, the student completes the Plan of Study for the Master’s Degree (M1) form (or the Plan of Study for the Dual Master’s Degree (DM1) form if the student is enrolled in a dual master’s degree program) with the advisor’s assistance. The form is forwarded through the program’s director of graduate studies to the Graduate School for approval.

The plan of study form must be filed with the Graduate School by the end of the student’s second semester of enrollment. Upon approval of the program by the Graduate School, the student is a candidate for the degree.

Note: If a student completes more than one graduate credential at MU, they may use a course for no more than three formal credentials (e.g., a master’s, doctoral, specialist, and/or dual degree; certificate, minor).

Changes to the plan of study

Changes to the plan of study should be submitted on the Plan of Study Course Substitution form.