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This orientation, led by the Teaching for Learning Center,  is designed to help meet the needs of graduate students teaching for the first time at the University of Missouri. The Graduate Teaching Orientation (GTO) is held twice a year, once in August and once in January the week prior to the start of the spring semester.

The registration for August GTO being held on August 15th and 16th is now open.

Who should attend?

All Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Graduate Instructors (GIs) who have not taught at the University of Missouri previously should attend GTO. Experienced Teaching Assistants and Graduate Instructors at the University of Missouri are also welcome to attend at the orientation.

What is covered in GTO?

GTO will help prepare graduate students for the classroom. Sessions typically include the following:

  • Campus offices, centers, and policies that students with teaching roles should be aware of
  • Graduate student panel providing insights and advice based on their experiences teaching on campus
  • Online technologies to support teaching and learning
  • Building rapport with students on the first day and throughout the semester
  • Inclusive teaching strategies to support the development of a community of learners
  • Strategies for handling difficult situations that may come up when teaching