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Research compliance is a complex administrative area and includes research integrity, human subjects protection (the Institutional Review Board (IRB), storing and destroying research documents, research animal care and welfare (Office of Animal Resources, Animal Care Quality Assurance and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee), Export Controls, Classified and Sensitive Research, Lobbying Activities, and Conflict of Interest.

Additional areas include shared responsibility with Environmental Health and Safety for Radiation Safety and Biological Safety. Fiscal and sponsored program aspects of research compliance (such as Effort Verification Reports, grants management, etc.) are handled by the Sponsored Program Administration.

Students and postdoctoral scholars who conduct research are subject to the same compliance regulations faculty research investigators. 

To learn about research compliance, students in research-based degree programs should (and in many cases, must) participate in training programs related to the responsible conduct of research and/or the protection of human subjects.

MU Division of Research, Innovation, & Impact

The Division of Research, Innovation, & Impact provides research facilities information, research policies and forms, funding information, compliance guidelines, as well as research news and publications. Explore the MU research site »

Research compliance fosters adherence to all applicable federal, state, and University research-related rules and regulations. Compliance questions should be directed to the offices listed at the bottom of the MU Research Support page.