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Educational Technologies at Missouri (ET@MO)

ET@MO supports the meaningful use of technology to improve teaching and learning. With a focus on both pedagogical design and technology innovation and excellence, ET@MO staff (1) engage in relevant academic- and technology-oriented conversations, decisions, and initiatives so as to make positive contributions; (2) facilitate the use of existing resources and infrastructure for the sake of quality, consistency, and efficiency, and; (3) research, design, and implement new educational technology innovations when feasible. Learn about ET@MO’s array of resources, including Mizzou’s course management system, Canvas.

Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center at Mizzou is a virtual network of teaching and learning resources. The center is structured to better serve the needs of everyone with teaching positions members throughout their careers by integrating existing services and creating new alliances and synergies to maximize use of MU’s expertise and financial resources. Learn more.

UM System Teaching and Learning Support

The UM System hosts a website with information for instructors, students, and staff to assist them to make the most out of eLearning and remote learning. The site also includes professional development opportunities to improve your online teaching, including required online teaching certification courses for instructors.

Teaching Renewal Conference

The goal of the conference is “to provide opportunities for enhancing teaching and learning at MU that aligns with the Mizzou 2020 plan. To promote an open, collaborative culture across campus, create mentors and showcase great examples of research and teaching on this campus.” This annual conference is scheduled before the start of the spring semester and all those interested in learning more about teaching are encouraged to attend this free conference. Learn more or register for the Conference. 

The Pursuit of Teaching Excellence: Lessons from the University of Missouri Kemper Teaching Fellows

Distinguished Mizzou faculty from across disciplines have collaborated on an comprehensive book about teaching in higher education. Chapters include, but are not limited to, Developing a Teaching Philosophy; Large-Enrollment Classes; Educational Technology; Problem-Based Learning; Assessing Student Learning and Assigning Grades; and Exploring Issues of Diversity in the Classroom. The book is available at The Mizzou Store.

Celebration of Teaching

Held in May each year, the Celebration of Teaching is a professional development opportunity at the University of Missouri for those engaged in teaching at Mizzou. Campus and national experts share approaches and techniques to enhance student success. Learn about the annual Celebration of Teaching Conference.

Graduate Assistant Teaching Orientation (GATO)

Held immediately prior to the start of classes in the fall semester, the Graduate School hosts a day-long workshop to orient those with graduate teaching assistantships and graduate instructors to teaching at Mizzou. This introductory workshop provides access to critical resources to prepare for the first day of class and beyond. Because it is an orientation, participants are strongly encouraged to identify ongoing support to advance their pedagogical knowledge and skills. Learn more about GATO.

Orientation for New International Teaching Assistants (ONITA)

ONITA takes place during the week before the start of any regular semester. The orientation is required for all new international graduate students before the first semester of teaching or assisting with teaching at MU. Learn more about ONITA.

Syllabus Statements

The University of Missouri, in conjunction with Faculty Council, have several statements for instructors to include on their syllabi. These statements are available on Canvas, as well as on the Office of the Provost’s website.

Teaching and Learning Courses

MU offers a number of credit-bearing courses to assist those preparing to teach or are currently teaching at the collegiate level. Click here to learn more about many of the college teaching-related courses.

Minor in College Teaching (MICT)

The MICT is available to all Mizzou graduate students enrolled in a degree program. The minor is 9-credit hours and includes a teaching practicum and portfolio. The minor provides students with the theoretical and practical background to be a self-reflective and intentional college teacher. Few graduate programs offer the opportunity for a specific credential to demonstrate expertise in postsecondary teaching. Learn more about the MICT.

Online Graduate Certificate in College Teaching

Sponsored by the Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis, the purpose of the Online Graduate Certificate in College Teaching is to enhance the teaching skills and career preparation of graduate students interested in obtaining academic positions in 2- and 4-year settings. Many of the courses in the certificate are also offered in a face-to-face format. This certificate will:

  1. Increase knowledge about teaching pedagogy to increase learning of college-level students;
  2. Increase knowledge about higher education institutions and students; and
  3. Encourage reflection into teaching philosophy and pedagogy to improve teaching effectiveness.

For information about certificate, contact the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Phone: (573) 882-8221
Address: ELPA, 202 Hill Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211