To The Top

Chunye Zhang (Cherry)’s is a faculty nominated member of AAAS. She is a member of USAHA, NAHLN, and AALAS. She actively involved in different academic and service association and communities. Cherry’s innate passion and enthusiasm in research and science are impressive. Her perseverance, innovative, talent led her to an academic career development pathway. Her outstanding accomplishments encouraged her to achieve more. Cherry’s research interest includes virology, bacteriology, microbiology, molecular biology, oncology, pharmacology, pathobiology, metagenomic, animal model, etc. During the pandemic, Chunye Zhang initiated and served as co-leader developed the SARS-CoV-2 inhibitors (patent for MU). Currently, she mainly focuses on the USDA and NIH funded projects researching host-pathogen interactions in genetically edited swine models, such as influenza virus and vaccine research, including the mechanism investigation and immune monitoring assay development. She is also interested in exploring the scientific innovation based on mechanism, therapeutic treatment, dietary intervention using computational aided approach and wet lab experiment in multiple scientific fields

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