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Dr. Martinez-Lemus is a Professor of Medical Pharmacology and Physiology. His research interest is focused on deciphering the mechanisms that control the structural and mechanical characteristics of blood vessels. Currently, research efforts in his laboratory have an emphasis on the roles that the endothelial and vascular smooth muscle cytoskeleton and glycocalyx play on the arterial stiffening associated with diabetes, hypertension, and aging. The main goal of the Martinez-Lemus laboratory is to find targetable molecules and mechanisms to therapeutically reduce the burden of vascular disease. Major approaches in the Martinez-Lemus laboratory include the use of cell culture, isolated organs, animal models, and human subjects in conjunction with techniques such as atomic force, confocal and multiphoton microscopy, ultrasound imaging, pressure myography, plasmon surface resonance, and image processing to interrogate pathophysiological processes from the molecular level to preclinical implementations.

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