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Pan recevied his PhD from Lehigh University (2016-2021) and worked as a visiting scholar, postdoctoral research associate (July 2021- April 2023) in Prof. John T. Fox’s research group and Prof. Derick G. Brown’s research group at Lehigh University before Joined Prof. Baolin Deng’s research group at University of Missouri. Current research interests include novel hybrid adsorbents development for highly selective removal of PFAS; lead contamination control and related health effects investigations for the mine waste management; scaling reduction in the brackish water desalination; adsorbents development for boron removal in seawater desalination; eco-impact of the antiscalants; solid waste reuse; VOCs removal and modeling; coating materials development for bio-surfactants enhanced soil bioremediation; surfactants enhanced bacteria transport in the unsaturated subsurface and modeling.