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Jana Onwonga

Educational, School, & Counseling Psychology, PhD Student Jana Onwonga is a doctoral student in counseling psychology in the Department of Educational, School, and Counseling, Psychology. Research Interests: Jana studies how refugee experiences can inform the development of holistic interventions that would facilitate their successful reintegration into new societies. She also explores the resiliency and growth

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Dena Lane-Bonds

Dena is a PhD student in the higher education program in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. Research Interests: Dena studies the influence of poverty on learning outcomes for college students who identify as homeless and assesses campus resources available to students facing or experiencing food and shelter insecurity. She also utilizes Geographic

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Adam Northcutt

Adam Northcutt grew up in the small town of DeSoto, MO and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology: Biomedical Sciences from Southeast Missouri State University in 2014.  Following graduation, he became a graduate student in the Division of Biological Sciences at Mizzou. He is a Biology PhD candidate.  As a CIE Ambassador, Adam is happy

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