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Dr. Manuel Leal

Faculty Spotlight- Dr. Manuel Leal Faculty Member Building a Lab Where Everyone is Welcomed. As a kid, he would play with lizards in his backyard, so it was an easy transition to study them in graduate school. Manuel Leal, Ph.D., grew up in Puerto Rico and was always interested in understanding how the Anolis lizards

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Dr. Susan Renoe

Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Susan Renoe MU Assistant Vice Chancellor For Research Sponsors CTE Research Fellow The University of Missouri will have a role in bridging the gaps in Postsecondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) research. Susan Renoe, Ph.D., Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research, Extension and Engagement for MU, is sponsoring a 2020 Postsecondary CTE

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Dr. Bret Ulery

Faculty Spotlight- Dr. Bret Ulery  Faculty Member Inducted into Mortar Board Honor Society  For Dr. Bret Ulery, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and Principal Investigator of the Biomodulatory Materials Engineering Laboratory, being tapped into Mortar Board this year was what he calls a stand out moment in his tenure at Mizzou and a moment he

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Dr. David Owens

Postdoctoral Scholar Spotlight – Dr. David Owens We would like to acknowledge Dr. David Owens for his leadership as the President of the MU Postdoctoral Association (MUPA). As Dr. Owens prepares to end his time here at MU, we would like to recognize his efforts with MUPA as well as with the MU and local

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Dr. Sarah Jacquet & Dr. Reuben Buckley

Postdoc Spotlight: Dr. Sarah Jacquet & Dr. Reuben Buckley An Australian Connection at Mizzou: Two Postdocs Travel 9,605 Miles to Advance their Research A chance meeting at a recent MU Postdoctoral Association social event brought together two Australian postdoctoral scholars who are thousands of miles from home conducting research at Mizzou. Although Dr. Reuben Buckley (Veterinary Medicine and Surgery)

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