To The Top

We recognize that there are members of our community who are food insecure. The following resources are available to assist.

  1. The MU Tiger Pantry is open for delivery and curbside pickup:
  2. Veterans United put together a map of free food locations in Columbia:
  3. A local restaurant, the Broadway Diner, is offering free meals to children and students in need– including international graduate students. Visit their Facebook page for more information on picking up free meals.
  4. Loaves & Fishes Soup Kitchen also provides meals for individuals in need.

Individuals experiencing financial difficulty, family issues, housing insecurity, etc.:

Students’ situations are often very unique in terms of their challenges and needs. The MU Care Coordinator team can provide one-on-one help for these students to best determine which resources will help them. Students can contact Nicole Logue, Care Coordinator.

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