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Requested Leave of Absence

Academic Leave of Absence

Submitting a request Students are able to request a leave of absence from their academic program. They should first notify their advisor of their request and then inform the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). For doctoral candidates (those who have successfully completed their comprehensive examination and have filed a D3 in the Graduate School), they

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Assistance, Accommodation, and Leave Policy for Pregnant Students, Students with Pregnancy-Related Conditions, and Parenting Students

Eligibility Graduate students who are full-time, in good academic standing, and progressing toward degree completion are eligible for the assistance, accommodation, and leave policy. The policy applies to students currently experiencing pregnancy, pregnancy-related conditions and/or parenting. Pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions include (but are not limited to) pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, and conditions

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Leaves of Absence for Assistantships and Fellowships

Graduate students are responsible for resolving all issues pertaining to their support (assistantship, fellowship, etc.) with their advisors before taking any approved leave of absence. Issues may include the date when support will be terminated and under what conditions students may be reinstated. Notifying administrators A student with a graduate assistantship who is unable to

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Sick Leave

Sick Leave During an academic year, which includes the summer, enrolled graduate students may be absent from normal student responsibilities for up to (but no more than) ten workdays in succession for reasons of illness or illness-related care.  Students who are receiving University of Missouri financial support will continue to receive support during that period.

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