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Assistantships and Fellowships

Appealing Graduate Assistantship Evaluation or Termination

A student with a graduate assistantship may appeal a decision regarding an assistantship in the following circumstances: Unfair dismissal. Prejudiced or capricious academic program evaluation. Equity issues in assistantship compensation

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Deferred Pay for Graduate Assistantships

Graduate students with assistantships on a 9-month, monthly paid appointment may be eligible for pay deferral to have their assistantship pay allocated over 12 months. Full policy provisions and eligibility

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Fellowship and Assistantship Acceptance Deadline

The University of Missouri is a signatory to the Council of Graduate Schools’ resolution regarding the offering and acceptance of financial aid. Specifically, students are under no obligation to respond to offers

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Graduate Student Tuition Support Program Eligibility

The Graduate Tuition Support Program, administered by the MU Graduate School, waives tuition for qualified graduate students. Students must meet established criteria to be considered for the program. Eligibility Eligible

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Leaves of Absence for Assistantships and Fellowships

Graduate students are responsible for resolving all issues pertaining to their support (assistantship, fellowship, etc.) with their advisors before taking any approved leave of absence. Issues may include the date

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Mizzou’s Mandatory Training Programs

Sexual Violence Prevention Training All graduate students who are new to Mizzou are required to complete an online, video-based educational program called U Got This 2!  This includes any student new to a

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Performance & Renewal Evaluation Criteria for Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantship evaluation methods The responsibilities of graduate assistantships and the performance evaluation method should be provided in writing to the student by the immediate supervisor at the beginning of

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Qualifying Titles for Graduate Assistantships and Fellows

A graduate student is eligible for a waiver of resident and non-resident tuition (if applicable) if they have an assistantship that meets the eligibility requirements of FTE (at least 10

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