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PostDoc Procedures

Postdoctoral Fellows as Principal Investigators (PIs) on Grants (Sponsored Projects)

Summary: Grant (sponsored projects) and fellowship applications submitted through sponsored programs at the University of Missouri with the postdoctoral fellow as the principal investigator should show the postdoctoral fellow as

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Assessment of Postdoctoral Work

Assessment of Postdoctoral Work At least once a year, faculty mentors complete a formal review of the progress for each postdoctoral scholar working under their direction. The goal of the

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Hiring an International Postdoc

Hiring an International Postdoc Hiring international scholars can be a great opportunity for our Mizzou community. When hiring and hosting international scholars, consider these processes and resources to help ensure

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Postdoc Letter Templates

Postdoc Letter Templates The Office of Postdoctoral Education and Human Resources have established set formats for letters regarding positions for postdoctoral scholars, including offers, status changes, renewals and terminations. Download

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Postdoctoral Completion Process

Postdoctoral Completion Process The Office of Postdoctoral Education must be notified when a postdoctoral scholar leaves a postdoctoral position for any reason, including transfer to another position, acceptance of a

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Postdoctoral Reappointment/Renewal and Transfer Processes

Postdoctoral Reappointment/Renewal and Transfer Processes Postdoctoral appointments are renewable annually at the discretion of the University. Length of appointment may not exceed a total of five years. Circumstances affecting continued employment

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Postdoctoral Appointment Process

Postdoctoral Appointment Process Departments are not required to advertise postdoctoral positions. Departments may proceed directly to hiring with their dean’s approval as described below. Data on postdoctoral fellows will be

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